Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's been a long TIME coming... Part !!

The last time I left you, we were stuck in the middle of a crisis of alchemy- trying to MAKE TIME.  But alas, you have probably figured out that TIME herself is merely the canvas upon which we paint our lives, and stretching her any further would certainly distort or break some crucial aspect of universal quintessence (despite what Christopher Lloyd would have us believe).

Queen TIME keeps moving, no matter how sweet or sincere our request for pause.

She creates the context for our lives, and we are loyal subjects to her royal consistency.

Time is not the problem!

What envelops us in chaos is the way that we have been taught to use and perceive our time.

Productivity, that dogma of time-based fervor, keeps many of us shrouded in guilt from the moment we hit "snooze".   Our personal allotment of universal time is borrowed against by our worldly obligations to the point of feeling like it isn't ours at all.  The world of reality would have us believe that time is no longer for BEING, enjoying, tasting, discovering, wandering, learning, and CREATING.  Time has become money.  They interchangeably represent that dangling carrot.  And guess who gets to play the ass again?

This could be an essay about so many things.   But I want to cut directly to the root of this mental anguish about time (regardless of what political or economic change we may see as necessary). We all have the same number of hours in our days. 

If time is a great white canvas, what are we painting on it?  When we look back at the end of the day, what does this artwork look like?  Does it look like some version of a Rorschach computer?  Or are there faces, connections, colors and light?  Is there passion?  Is there fulfillment, completion, contentment, delight?

Great stories are made out of adversity, as are great people.  Adversity is not the problem.  Some of the greatest people I know worked with their noses to the grindstone for most of their lives, but they still chose to BE laughter and love at the end of the day (As far as health is concerned, I'm sure you have heard... laughter truly is the best medicine.)  There are always going to be challenges to our time and our happiness.  How we choose to BE through those challenges says more about who we ARE than what we DO.  

In every moment, we get to choose.

And when we choose to BE happiness, it follows us into unlikely and un-natural habitats.